Tito Scaiano

J.C. (Tito) Scaiano currently holds the Canada Research Chair in Applied Photochemistry at the University of Ottawa. He has been recognized with many national and international awards for his work in photochemistry. In 2005, he was appointed an Officer of the Order of Canada. Scaiano's scientific career includes more than 700 scientific publications, 2 books and several book chapters and patents. With an h-index of 77, he is widely recognized for his work in photochemistry and nanotechnology. His research interests include organic photochemistry, nanomaterials, catalysis, sunscreens, laser induced photochemistry, lithographic imaging, and single molecule spectroscopy. In June 2016, uOttawa appointed Scaiano as the founding Director of the newly created Centre for Advanced Materials Research (CAMaR), a new challenge that will promote the invention, characterization and use of a wide range of materials. Scaiano is also the founder of Luzchem Research, an Ottawa–based instrument developer and manufacturer and the co-founder of the Reactive Intermediates Exchange (RISE) that promotes summer internships for undergraduate students. Scaiano has several international collaborations, in Kenya, South Africa, Brazil, Argentina and Spain, where he collaborates with local Universities and periodically teaches part of Master courses.

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